In the dynamic realm of Kuwait's infrastructure growth, Kuwait Building House (KBH) stands out with its premier Engineering, Construction and Infrastructure services.

Specializing in delivering structurally sound and aesthetically pleasing architectural marvels, KBH is synonymous with excellence in the construction industry. Their portfolio showcases a robust selection of projects, from state-of-the-art skyscrapers to comprehensive road systems, each embodying the future of Kuwaiti urban development. With a focus on eco-friendly practices and cutting-edge building technologies, KBH not only adheres to but sets new benchmarks for sustainable construction. Their expert project management ensures seamless execution from blueprint to completion, solidifying KBH's reputation as the cornerstone of innovation and quality in engineering and construction services within Kuwait and beyond.

Our Engineering and Construction divisions are structured to address a broad spectrum of industry needs, ensuring comprehensive coverage in key service areas. These sections are expertly tailored to meet the diverse demands of the sector, positioning our company as a leading provider in the field.

Engineering, Construction & Infrastructure divisions encompass the following:

Commercial and Institutional Building Construction
Industrial Building Construction
Construction of Sub Stations
Construction of Control Building and Auxillary Building
Construction of Villas/ Residential Apartments
Poured Concrete Foundation and Steel Structure Works
Construction of Pre-Engineered Buildings & Porta Cabins
Other Heavy and Civil Engineering Construction
Construction of Concrete Road, Gatch Road, Asphalt Road
Infrastructure Works
Dewatering Works
Fencing and Compound Wall Works.
Building Interior Works
Landscaping Works
Site Preparation
Earthwork and Foundations
Concrete Services
Structural Engineering
Structural Steel Fabrication and Installation Works.


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