Since its inception in 1991, Kuwait Building House (KBH), originally known as Kuwait Reconstruction House, has been pivotal in the monumental reconstruction efforts of Kuwait.

Our legacy is built on a foundation of vital projects that have played a significant role in reshaping the nation’s infrastructure and skyline. With a deep commitment to excellence, KBH continues to contribute to the dynamic construction landscape of Kuwait through strategic project execution and development.

In 1994, the then-named Kuwait Reconstruction House expanded its strategic horizons, securing pivotal logistical service contracts for labor city management for international armed forces and initiating its contracting services. This forward momentum continued into 2006 when Beyout Investment Group (BIG) was founded, creating specialized subsidiaries that synergize and extend the foundational work of Kuwait Reconstruction House. By capitalizing on these achievements, Kuwait Building House (KBH) rapidly ascended to a Class-A status for construction within the Central Agency for Public Tender (CAPT) in Kuwait, achieving this milestone in a mere six years. As a proud member of BIG, KBH leads the way with six additional subsidiaries spanning across diverse sectors including Logistics, Education, Retail, Oil & Gas, Real Estate, and Construction, marking its prominence in regional development and multi-sector integration.


KBH delivers the proficient performance, with a blend of multi disciplinary engineering thereby satisfying the desires of customers and continually striving for excellence in the services we provide.

Our mission is to lead by example through a commitment that empowers the organization at every level to strive for the highest levels of Quality, Health & Safety where employees find an exceptional place to work with.
At KBH, we constantly expand the boundaries of competence capable of the highest quality services in the oil, industrial & commercial sectors with a commitment to customer satisfaction, thereby energizing talents and valuing differences wherein excellence and efficiency will be bound together to be the best enterprise for the environment and our fellow employees.




At Kuwait Building House, our expertise is the cornerstone of success embedded in every project. With a team of seasoned professionals boasting a wealth of experience, we proudly bring unparalleled skills to redefine the epitome of construction excellence.
Our diverse proficiency spans across various sectors, making us a comprehensive solution provider for:
Engineering, Construction, and Infrastructure: From concept to completion, we excel in delivering projects that stand as testaments to precision and quality.

Facility Management: We go beyond construction, offering seamless facility management services to ensure the longevity and optimal performance of your built environment.

Manpower Supply Services: Our dedicated workforce is the backbone of our operations, delivering skilled manpower solutions tailored to meet the demands of your project.

Oil & Gas and Industrial: With a focus on safety and efficiency, we navigate the complexities of the oil and gas industry, providing cutting-edge solutions for industrial projects.

Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing (MEP): Innovation meets functionality as we integrate state of-theart MEP systems into our projects, ensuring seamless operation and sustainability.

Scaffolding & Equipment Rental Services: Elevate your projects with our reliable scaffolding and equipment rental services, providing the support and tools needed for success.
At Kuwait Building House, our commitment to excellence is not just a promise but a proven track record. Explore the heights of construction possibilities with a partner who understands the language of expertise.


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